art gallery knits + t-shirt patterns = comfy basics

Now that we’re pretty much out of long-sleeve weather, I remembered I had not shared some of my long-sleeve t-shirt makes! These are made with uber comfy art gallery knits and basic T-shirt patterns – the Trifecta tee by Kitschy Coo and the Daytripper top by Schwin Designs (bought as part of the “just add jeans” collection by Pattern Anthology).

First up is the dolman-sleeved daytripper top.

pinkdaytripper1 pinkdaytripperback pinkdaytripperside pinkdaytripperside2

And next up is the raglan-sleeved trifecta top.

orangetrifectatop1 orangetrifectatop2

orangetrifectatopback orangetrifectatopside

Pattern deets: There isn’t a whole lot to say about these patterns, as they’re pretty simple t-shirt patterns. I love that the sleeves make them a little different than one with basic sleeves. Since my shoulders are fairly broad, raglan and dolman sleeves are a little easier to fit and feel comfy across my shoulders. As far as pattern changes, I made the trifecta top with no tweaks; I modified the hemline on the daytripper top, instead of the hi-lo hem I straightened it out.

I’m happy with the results of both; I guess if I was picking anything to change on them – I may raise the neckline of the trifecta, and I could probably size down in the daytripper. But they’re both very wearable as is. In fact they both got worn a lot at the end of winter. And I plan on making more of both patterns in short sleeve versions. What can I say, I’m a simple jeans + T-shirt gal.

Fabric deets: Art gallery knits. Enough said! Really though, they get lots of love in the blogosphere, and I say it’s 100% deserved. These particular ones are on here and here. It does seem like a hefty price tag, but considering the quality and the 58″ width, I think they’re worth the price. (Although I’ll admit I got them on sale.)

I still a have a few long-sleeve makes of the year but not sure if they’ll make it to the blog before next winter. We’re gearing up for another move soon so I’m sure things will be getting quite hectic soon. So, that’s all for now!

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pink + navy coco top

Hiya! I finally got around to snapping some pics of my latest makes so have a small backlog of posts to share. First up is my Coco top, which I actually finished months ago (woops!). I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: better late than never!


hello awkward arms and almost-closed eyes!


The stripe matching on the sleeves isn’t ideal, but for my first attempt at stripe matching on the sleeves I guess it’s decent.

You may notice this fabric from a previous top (my marianne top here). Hope you’re not sick of it yet because I have a third top to share later — guess that’s what happens when you buy 3 yards of a fabric! I’ll just have to be careful not to wear them too close together.


Check out the the stripe matching at the sides:

pinknavycocoside pinknavycocoside2

Pattern deets: This is the the Coco pattern (top version, obvi) by Tilly + the buttons. I actually finished this back in November but for whatever reason never got around to taking pictures. Anyway, not too much to say about the pattern – the fit is straight out of the envelope, so to speak, although on the next go ’rounds I will shorten the sleeves (very typical adjustment for my short limbs). I should probably address the back wrinkles too, but they don’t really bother me too much so I doubt that I will.

Fabric deets: I used the same Riley Blake stipe knit that I used with my Marianne top; the links are in that post.

In case you’re curious, these pictures were taken at my family’s farm in Tennessee.  After nearly seven months, we made it back for a visit last weekend. It was too short, as always, but so great being back home with the family. And I squeezed in a few photo shoots while there so expect to see this beautiful scenery again soon.

That’s all for now!

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pink + navy marianne top

Hello again! I am back to share another completed project: the Marianne top!

navypinkmarianne navypinkmarianne2 navypinkmarianne3 navypinkmarianneside navypinkmarianneside2 navypinkmarianneside3


I had to take some side snaps to admire that stripe matching. I’m fairly OCD about that – which is why I avoided stripes for awhile – and this one turned out pretty successful. But, I’m confused about that back. It feels totally normal on my back, but then I saw these pics with the wrinkles and such. Not sure what’s happening there. I pulled it down in some other pictures, and that just made the wrinkles go vertical. Perhaps I need to do a little research.

Pattern deets: This is the Marianne dress pattern by Christine Haynes, except (obviously) I modified the dress to a top. It was an easy adjustment, although now I’m wondering if I did something wrong that’s causing the back to look odd. Anyway, I love colorblock tops like this (esp the RTW Boden ones, though those are a bit more of a boat neckline.) Pattern was easy to follow and straight-forward. Everything matched up perfectly, and I especially loved the neckband drafting because it fit in so well. Neckbands (I think) are the most difficult part of knit tops so I’ve come to really appreciate well-drafted ones.

Size-wise, I graded from an 8 in the bust to 10 at hips. At first I thought the sleeves were too tight and regretted not just tracing a straight 10, but now they seem to fit OK. I’ll probably wear it a few more times before deciding if I’ll make a different size on the next round(s).

Fabric deets: Both of these are Riley Blake knits, purchased here and here from I had the stripes first, then figured if I wanted to find a perfect navy match (is it just me or are there lots of navy variations?) it’d be safe to go with the same company/line. Happy to report that thinking paid off. I bought 3 yards of the stripe for some reason (on sale most likely), so you’ll be seeing more if it (a Coco and penny pinafore – more on those later). These knits are substantial and easy to work with, except for the curling that comes along with cotton jersey.

That’s all for now. Hope y’all are staying warm!

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green corduroy miette skirt

Why hello there! I’ve been rather lazy about sharing my recent makes, but maybe I’ll start doing better. Or maybe not. I make no promises. But I did finally take some snaps of my recently made miette skirt. And here it is!

greenmiette1 greenmiette3

greenmietteback2 greenmiettefloor

I had decided that I was not a skirt gal and during the “moving soon” closet purge, I got rid of most of them and stored the few I kept. Which meant I literally have zero skirts in my closet here. And despite a simple skirt often being a first project for the beginning garment sewist, I’ve never made one — I guess because I didn’t wear skirts much (or ever). As you can see though, I changed that!

Pattern deets: This is the miette skirt by Tilly & the buttons. A simple pattern, the most strenuous part was sewing and turning the long strips for ties. If I do become a skirt gal, this is definitely the shape I like. Cinch in the the waist and flare around the hips. I did take a good 4″ off the length, and probably could’ve take off more if it’s a skirt always to be worn with tights. I suppose the pattern is made to be fairly long and I have quite short legs so that’s probably a typical adjustment. Otherwise I made no changes to the pattern.

Fabric deets: Green corduroy by Robert Kaufman. I think it’s this one. I’ve also used the orange corduroy from this line for a Washi dress (never blogged), and I have some turquoise (not sure what to make yet). It’s a good quality corduroy; I think most of the Kaufman fabrics are trustworthy.

So maybe I’ll become a skirt gal! This isn’t my favorite look (on me anyway), but it’s growing on me.

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seersucker grainline tank / bday!

Hiya! This post is kind of two-fold: a finished garment, and some birthday weekend photos. My birthday was actually on the 13 of September, but I’ve been a bit lazy pulling photos off my camera. Better than never, right? Living in NYC now, my birthday = Broadway shows! First up we saw Phantom of the Opera on that Saturday:


(Full disclosure: this is actually what I was wearing on Sunday. When we saw Phantom on Saturday, we were too late getting there to get any pics before hand; and then it was raining when the show was over. Sadly that means there are no pictures on my actual birthday. Oh well.)

Second show was Rock of Ages:

erinrockofages erinrockofages2

That last snap isn’t so flattering, but it made me giggle so I included. Also, it brings me to my love/hate relationship with the shirt — love the fabric + style of shirt; hate the fit! Read on…

Pattern deets:

This is grainline studio‘s tiny pocket tank pattern (sans pocket, obvi). Fabric is orange seersucker purchased a year+ from fabric . com. Love love love seersucker! It’s breathable and easy to wear in hotter temps, and easy to sew. Win/win! The pattern itself is simple. A pdf for a top is way less painful than for a dress (so. many. pages. to. cut. and. glue. ahhhh.), and the instructions + finishing details (bias on neck and arm holes) make everything come together neatly.

BUT…. See all those wrinkles under my armpits/high bust area? I cannot quite decide if simply lowering the armhole would fix that or if I need to be doing some bust adjustments. If you have any thoughts or suggestions please share! I need to start working on perfecting the fit of my sewn garments.

So that’s that on the top. I’ll certainly have to figure out some tweaks before making it again. Which wouldn’t happen until next year since we’re approaching a colder climate and all. Now I will leave you with some more pics from our Broadway weekend, just because. Hope you’re all well. 🙂


rockofages2 rockofagesstage2

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ikat Sewaholic belcarra blouse

Hello friends! First things first, welcome to my new blog! As some of you may know, I had a blog over at blogspot for the past few years. With some changes since I started the other blog — i.e., the hubs and I moved to NYC, my sewing is morphing more into clothes than nursery, home dec, etc. — and the fact that wordpress seems much more user-friendly, I thought now would be a good chance to switch over and start from scratch. So, here I am! The plan is to mostly share sewing projects, but there will perhaps be more — NYC adventures, crocheting + knitting projects, who knows!

Now that’s out of the way, here’s my new blouse!


Probably should’ve taken some pics of the back, but it’s not really that exciting so you can just trust that it looks good from the back, too. 😉

Pattern deets:

As the title of the post suggests, this is the Belcarra blouse by Sewaholic patterns. It was quite easy to sew, only complicated by the fact I used french seams throughout and got a smidge turned around a few times. Also it took me forever to finish, as I started it while living temporarily at my parents, putting it away during the madness that was our move to NYC, then pulling it out a week into our move (once I had things semi-set up). Without all those factors, I think it would be a quick finish. Perhaps I will make another and find out! Other than that, I don’t have much to say about the pattern — the fit was perfect out of the envelope (er, pdf file) and directions were clear. A wonderful pattern all around.

That’s all from me! Hope y’all are well. xoxo

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