seersucker grainline tank / bday!

Hiya! This post is kind of two-fold: a finished garment, and some birthday weekend photos. My birthday was actually on the 13 of September, but I’ve been a bit lazy pulling photos off my camera. Better than never, right? Living in NYC now, my birthday = Broadway shows! First up we saw Phantom of the Opera on that Saturday:


(Full disclosure: this is actually what I was wearing on Sunday. When we saw Phantom on Saturday, we were too late getting there to get any pics before hand; and then it was raining when the show was over. Sadly that means there are no pictures on my actual birthday. Oh well.)

Second show was Rock of Ages:

erinrockofages erinrockofages2

That last snap isn’t so flattering, but it made me giggle so I included. Also, it brings me to my love/hate relationship with the shirt — love the fabric + style of shirt; hate the fit! Read on…

Pattern deets:

This is grainline studio‘s tiny pocket tank pattern (sans pocket, obvi). Fabric is orange seersucker purchased a year+ from fabric . com. Love love love seersucker! It’s breathable and easy to wear in hotter temps, and easy to sew. Win/win! The pattern itself is simple. A pdf for a top is way less painful than for a dress (so. many. pages. to. cut. and. glue. ahhhh.), and the instructions + finishing details (bias on neck and arm holes) make everything come together neatly.

BUT…. See all those wrinkles under my armpits/high bust area? I cannot quite decide if simply lowering the armhole would fix that or if I need to be doing some bust adjustments. If you have any thoughts or suggestions please share! I need to start working on perfecting the fit of my sewn garments.

So that’s that on the top. I’ll certainly have to figure out some tweaks before making it again. Which wouldn’t happen until next year since we’re approaching a colder climate and all. Now I will leave you with some more pics from our Broadway weekend, just because. Hope you’re all well. 🙂


rockofages2 rockofagesstage2

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4 Responses to seersucker grainline tank / bday!

  1. Claire says:

    I’m no expert, but it looks like maybe you could use a FBA (full bust adjustment)? Or maybe just let out the side seams a little at the underarms. It’s a cute top though! The neckline lies very nicely.

    • eeksboutique says:

      thanks for you comment! when the cold has cleared and i can even think about revisiting this pattern, i’ll definitely be considering those suggestions. i do really like the neckline and how it’s finished.

  2. Annette says:

    I agree with Claire and wonder if this would indeed solve your issue! But I like the shirt and you did a great job with it. And I love the photos of NYC. I used to reside in NYC (now we live in Upstate NY, DH and I), not too terribly far from midtown, so used to walk by those theatres a LOT! TFS, Annette

    • eeksboutique says:

      thanks for you suggestions; i’ll be considering those when i pull the pattern back out. wow i bet you’ve been cold in upstate!

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